Innovation M.E.E.T-Meeting European Excellence in Technology is the reference appointment for the scientific research and innovation technology promotion, at the service of companies, universities and research centers. The international representatives of academic, institutional and corporate, discuss new trends, challenges, new opportunities and possibilities for investments.

The meeting between stakeholders, researchers, institutional representatives and academics will produce new input and new ideas finalized at creation of networks and participation in European and international funding programs in support of research and economic development (EU FrameworkProgramme For Research and Innovation- Horizon 2020) .EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

In the 2016 edition, Innovation M.E.E.T. will promote cooperation between Italy and Romania. The event, preceded by a Presentation Conference and by an opening session, will be organized in thematic tables that will host several Innovation sessions oriented to support technological innovation and growth in regional markets, nationals and internationals; rresearch improving, technological development and knowledge diffusion; mprove access to digital technologies and enhancing the quality, approach the world of scientific research to the business one.

Innovation M.E.E.T. is organized by Business Innovation Council.



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