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Cosvitec was born as Consortium in 2001.
It was promoted together with Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), to contribute to ESF 2000-06 Programme.
Primary Production Consortium, Processing Industries, several University Departments join Cosvitec.
The Cooperation with University, Research Centres, High-Tech Companies, and Small and Medium Enterprises is based, not only on the specific aim to offer technological transfer services and sustain innovation, but also to develop and manage research and high-education projects, funded by Community, National and Regional programs.
Cosvitec works at national and international level in consulting and analysis services provision, thanks to a Team of professionals able to meet each client’s need.
Cosvitec offers an organic treatment of problems, which are analyzed according to single aspects and solved on the basis of an unitary logic by a Team of high-level professionals.
Cosvitec is accredited for educational activities in the Region of Campania and its laboratories are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
It has also obtained a Certification as Intermediary Job Agency and it is strongly involved in Youth Guarantee Programme.
Its experience in European projects under LLP, Erasmus+ KA1 VET/YOUTH and Tempus demonstrates its focus on entrepreneurial related training with a focus on valorization of territory as a resource for economic development.


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