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MultiPath Multiplex nanostructured platform for label-free detection of food-born pathogens and carcinogenic pesticides

Partners: Cosvitec Scarl, IZSM, ISASI-CNR
Financial institution: Regione Campania – Campania Terra del buono – OP-ERDF 2014-2020 OP ERDF 2014-2020
Implementation period: Under construction


Nanotechnologies are promising opportunities to improve the sustainability of agri-food systems and reduce risks to human health. They include nanosensors for environmental and food monitoring and pathogen detection. Within the MultiPath project, the technology of plasmonic biosensors based on engineered artificial nanomaterials (metamaterials and photonic/plasmonic hybrid quasi-crystals) combined with appropriate molecular recognition layers, will be used for the production of a functionalized nanobiosensor with a combined detection of LSPR and RAMAN. It is able to detect the presence of pesticides (glyphosate, thiram), pathogens (Salmonella) and viruses (hepatitis A-HAV) in milk, complex matrices and water (irrigation, drinking water of animals and aquaculture) in a highly sensitive and specific way. This kit involves the use of nano biosensors, antibodies and bacteriophages to obtain the maximum specificity and sensitivity in the recognition and detection of the target analytes in a shorter time compared to the kits and procedures currently available on the market and with field-testing.

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