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Press Release – Innovationmeet Brussels 2019

Next 28 and 29 march 2019, the event: Innovationmeet Brussels” will take place in an exceptional forum: the meeting room of the European Parliament. This event, organized by Marea scarl, BXL Europe asbl, Arkadiusz srl, Cosvitec scarl, will take stock on Technology, Industry 4.0 and Research. In this occasion, the 2019 edition of Innovationmeet work will be presented in front of Italian and European high profile  institutions, It will be a major appointment that previously took place with huge success also in Costanta (Romania) and Dubai (EAU). The event will also foresee the involvement of several partners: Marea scarl, Cosvitec scarl, Innovaway spa, Linfa scarl and Marte scarl.


In the Brussels edition we prefigure the contributions of representatives from the institutional, scientific and entrepreneurial world. Innovationmeet Brussels represents an open table, that will stand in the institutional and decision-making heart of Europe, around which all the participants have the opportunity to confront. The meeting is a solid occasion to make the point on the progresses and the new tendencies connected to the world of research and Digital Innovation.


The centre of the debate will be the change that is revolutionizing the way of “doing innovation” and the processes of technological transfer. These new lines of development affect Europe crosswise; for this reason they must be picked up by building cross-border synergies and territorial networks.


The academic, scientific and entrepreneurial contexts of Campania Region are moving in this direction, because they necessarily want to identify the ways of working together to win the actual challenges represented by new realities like the changings and progresses that involve the sectors connected to electronic, e-commerce, business intelligence, big data, cognitive computing,  machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Among the relevant figures of the sectors at the centre of the debate that have been invited at the table we will have: Elena BASILE Italian Ambassador in Belgium, Valeria FASCIONE Commissioner of Campania Region with delegation to Start up internationalization – Innovation, Max LEMKE Head Chie of the Division “Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry “ of European Commission, Giorgio VENTRE, Scientific Director at iOS Developer Academy University Federico II, Pietro FERRARO Director of SciencesAPP CNR Institute of applied science and intelligent systems “Eduardo Caianiello”, Pasquale MORMILE Researcher at SciencesAPP CNR Institute of applied science and intelligent systems “Eduardo Caianiello”, Gianpaolo VARCHETTA President of Marea scarl



In this scientific-technological scenario will be presented some of the relevant projects that fall under the Objective 1.1. on Research, Innovation of the FESR 2014-2020 Program of Campania Region: Bioagro, Terapica, Integra, MultiPath.


The event will represent a not to be missed opportunity for confrontation, with a high attendance of representatives of several significant sectors. Many have already confirmed their presents, the representatives from Campania Region, the representatives of Campania Digital Innovation Hub, the representatives of University of Naples “Federico II”, the representatives of Institute Science App of National Research Council, Marea scarl, Innovaway spa, Linfa scarl, Marte Scarl.

Research, digital marketing, and technological transformation will be the meeting points of several representatives and providers of the different scientific and technological contexts that joining this event can contribute to a successful definition of concrete solutions of innovation development, based on the value of network making and the specific know how of each excellence: that is the sense of “Innovationmeet Brussels”.  Further details of the event are available at the dedicated website: