Excellences from Campania in the international context


innovatiomeet event

University Ovidius in Constanta hosted a real hotbed of ideas fostered thanks to organisation of Innovationmeet. Its value, proved by Bodies and Companies present and participating as listeners, was the process of promotion of scientific research projects in Campania, of its networks, its peculiarities, its excellences. In these terms are mentioned many projects presented.
The event, moreover, allowed to disseminate and transfer several results achieved in scientific field from the following excellences of Regione Campania:
- Project PRITECNETWORK.EU - portal of meeting and cooperation of international scientific research - (PRITEC Internationalisation Platform of Research, of technological production chain of agrofood in
- Research project Pritec , realised from public private agglomerated Linfa in cooperation with con University of Naples “Federico II”, Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection of National Research Council;
- Project QUASAR, realised and presented by d public private agglomerated Linfa Marea scarl.
- Project MAR.TE. SEA-LAND LOGISTIC“Research & Innovation in transport, logistics, sensors and energy industries. strategic plan for international activities “realised and promoted by public private agglomerated Marte, from University of Naples “Parthenope” and from its partnership of reference.
- Project A.M.B.RA. – Kit for Brucella Abortus e B. Melitensis nano-BIosensing RApid detection realised from Cosvitec scarl, Istituto Zooprofilattico del Mezzogiorno and Institute of Cybernetics of CNR.