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AMBRA Kit for Brucella Abortus e B. Melitensis nano-BIosensing RApid detection

The Project, within the Programme “SPORTELLO DELL'INNOVAZIONE”, wants to identify a system of simultaneous actions in order to realize two strategic objectives - Human capital development and innovation and technological transfer promotion.

A.M.B.R.A. Project, is based on the use of the SPR technique for the realization of a tool to detect and quantify the presence of B. abortus and B. melitensis both in water and in complex matrices such as milk. A.M.B.RA. aims to develop an effective diagnostic system, ready to use, portable and quick, able to offer a valuable support to some fundamental actions of risk prevention related to the diagnosis of the presence of pathogens, in the specific case of Brucella, in milk,  for direct consumption and / or processing.

The objective is to achieve the construction of a biosensor for the detection of Brucella spp. in food and biological samples.