08 cosvitec est Cosvitec EST

Cosvitec Est is a Romanian Company whose main activity is innovation, training, entrepreneurship, internalization and consulting activities for those companies wanting to enter the market. The mission is sharing ofproducts and processes innovations. Cosvitec Est, through its links with some of the international leading centers of excellence offers to its Partners/Customers innovative ideas to help reaching new heights. The company is related with experienced business professionals who offer consulting in business intelligence, marketing and sales, corporate organization, the quality/environment/safety and many other topics of interest to companies.

Cosvitec Est is accredited by the Romanian National Authority for Training. It also implements several international mobilities addressed to interns training in different fields under Erasmus Plus Programme and European Social fund programme

It is a qualified reference point in the processes management of individual and organizational growth, specifically:

- Supports validly customers and marks with them the most suitable way to the promotion and improvement of the organizational and production processes using highly innovative and quick to use technologies and applications;

- Provides most suitable training opportunities to satisfy the labor market’s demands through ways aimed at creating on a quality level innovative professional figures;

- Provides expert advice and support to different companies for a correct use of the opportunities for public financing (Community, Ministerial, Regional and Provincial capitals);

- Coordinates and integrates the research and development carried out by the companies’ internal technical resources in collaboration with expertise competences participating inside the University;

- Organizes important regional, national and international conferences and public events.