06 FEDII University of Naples “Federico II”

The university was established in 1224 through an Imperial Charter by Federico II Hohenstaufen, the King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor. It was the first publicly funded university in Europe.It is one of the oldest universities to be founded by a head of State; this was at variance with other educational institutions, which were, by and large, the product of corporate initiatives. The King's objective was to create an institution of higher learning that would put an end to the predominance of the universities of Northern Italy, most notably Bologna and Padua, which were considered either too independent or under the strong influence of the Pope. The independence was granted by the Charter, which gave the Emperor the highest authority. He hired professors, who would become royal employees paid through royal funds. Moreover, the Emperor himself examined candidates and conferred degrees. Nowadays, the University of Naples “Federico II” offers courses in practically every existing academic discipline.It is actually composed by 26 different Departments offering 72 Graduation Courses and 65 Master Degrees.

The university of Naples “Federico II” has 20 Research Centers and 4 Specialization schools.