04 pritecPRITEC

Pritec MISSION is to foster and enhance international cooperation and networking opportunities with a view to facilitating and promoting Campania Region Research in agri-food sector.

Pritec Project is funded by ERDF 2007-2013 Operational Programme Objective 2.1. It aims to create an international cluster able to promote the quality of each participant through different strategies: supporting the stakeholders in the agro-food technological research, sharing technological foresight , elaborating sharing procedures for the implementation and the promotion of scientific research, Identifying challenges and actions related to education, training, research and development opportunities.

Pritec main activities include:

• Collaboration among international, national and regional research institutes, universities, public and private consortium, private international companies and public authorities

• Valorization and dissemination of scientific research procedures, processes and outcomes

• Pre-competitive development actions

• Business scouting and export check-up.